Caesar and Cleopatra


Caesar and Cleopatra (Gabriel Pascal, 1945) wr. G. B Shaw;

The production was reported to be the most expensive film ever made at the time. Director Gabriel Pascal (a Hungarian, born Gàbor Lehel, 1894-1954) ordered sand from Egypt in order to achieve the proper cinematic colour. The production ran into delays because of wartime restrictions.
During the shoot, Vivien Leigh, who was pregnant, tripped and suffered a miscarriage. The incident triggered Leigh's manic depression, leading to her emotional breakdown, and halted production for five weeks.
The film was described as a "box office stinker" at the time and almost ended Pascal's career. It was the first Shaw film made in colour, and the last film version of a Shaw play during his lifetime.

Vivien Leigh as Cleopatra
Claude Rains as Caesar
Stewart Granger as Apollodorus
Flora Robson as Ftatateeta
Francis L. Sullivan as Pothinus
Basil Sydney as Rufio
Cecil Parker as Britannus
Raymond Lovell as Lucius Septimus
Anthony Eustrel as Achillas
Ernest Thesiger as Theodotus
Anthony Harvey as Ptolemy
Robert Adams as Nubian Slave
Gerald Case as a Roman Tax Officer
Olga Edwardes
Harda Swanhilde as Cleopatra's Lady Attendants
Michael Rennie as 1st Centurion
James McKechnie as 2nd Centurion
Esme Percy as Major Domo
Stanley Holloway as Belzanor
Leo Genn as Bel Affris
Alan Wheatley as Persian
Anthony Holles as Boatman
Charles Victor as 1st Porter
Ronald Shiner as 2nd Porter
John Bryning as Sentinel
John Laurie as 1st Auxiliary Sentinel
Charles Rolfe as 2nd Auxiliary Sentinel
Felix Aylmer as 1st Nobleman
Ivor Barnard as 2nd Nobleman
Valentine Dyall as 1st Guardsman
Charles Deane as 2nd Guardsman

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