Cyrus (Jay & Mark Duplass, 2010)

John and Molly, a divorced middle aged man and a single mother meet at a friend's party and start up a small relationship. All John has to do now is meet Molly's son ... Cyrus.

Hell’s teeth! I just had a Recovered Memory experience! My mind had done a really good job of repressing the traumatic memory of watching Cyrus (Jay & Mark Duplass, 2010) – and it just popped back in. I have never seen a film in relation to which words have failed me worse. I cannot say in what ways and how bad this film is. We could start with ‘unbelievable’ – but that would only be scratching the unpleasant surface.

Garry Gillard | New: 14 March, 2017 | Now: 19 February, 2020