elgarElgar (Ken Russell, 1962) doco made for TV in a 22-ep series called Monitor, 55 min.

Huw Wheldon (narrator), George McGrath, Peter Brett, Rowena Gregory

A partly dramatised account of the life of Sir Edward Elgar, classical composer. Huw Wheldon narrates the life story over backdrops of beautiful mountain scenery, especially memorable is the image of young Elgar riding his horse around Malvern Hills.

I’ve just watched Ken Russell’s Elgar (1962) – possibly for the first time. Russell gives the music a lot of space/time, admirably.

He uses much footage of the impressive funeral of Edward VII in 1910. I’m trying to imagine the funeral of the present Queen, who has ruled since 1953, almost all of my life and most of hers. It will be quite an event. I hope I’m still alive to see it.

Garry Gillard | New: 6 March, 2017 | Now: 6 July, 2019