Hope Gap

Hope Gap (William Nicholson, 2019) wr. William Nicholson; Bill Nighy, Annette Bening, Josh O'Connor

Man leaves wife. Son observes.

It's hard to remember ever watching a film in which less happens. There is no plot. There's barely a story.

I spent most of the time noticing how American Bening is, and therefore her character. Despite her making a fairly acceptable attempt at a British accent, she and her character both act like Americans. The key word is 'entitlement'. Having invested in a marriage, she intends - or at least feels she deserves - to get the full life-time value of it. She says she 'loves' Nighy's character, but I didn't believe that for a split second. He is merely the husband she thought she was entitled to.

I don't think I'll have been alone in expecting - for half the film - someone to kill either themself or someone else. Unfortunately it didn't happen to Bening's character.

The white cliffs looked nice.

Garry Gillard | New: 21 October, 2020 | Now: 21 October, 2020