Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (James Mangold, 2023) Harrison Ford

I liked the story: the way it brought together the two periods of history, post-WW2 and the 397BC Battle of Syracuse, by using a literal time machine, one devised by none less than Archimedes himself.

But the pace is too fast for someone older than the target audience. Not having been brought up on computer gaming, I am not fast enough for the action sequences which dominate most of the film in huge set-pieces: the train, the car-chase, the underwater search, Syracuse. The whole thing is also a bit too long for long, and I would happily have gone without one of the above. Which would have made the credit-roll a bit shorter too: it must have taken five minutes for all of the hundred of names to go down the screen. (Yes, I watched them all.)

Is this the end of the Lucas/Spielberg/Williams domination of this particular kind of epic? George is the same age as me (79) and Steve is 76. On the other hand, John Williams is 91 and afaik still writing. (Why does he have an OBE?)

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