The Lion King


The Lion King (Disney, 1994)

I'm one of the last people in the world to see The Lion King - or at least the first ten minutes of it. Plus - trust me - apart from it being a Disney film, I did not know what kind of thing it was.

I happened to visit Disneyland in 1997 when they were still promoting the film in street parades, so I knew it was some kind of big deal - I just didn't know what kind.

It started off looking like a nature doco, with real animals (that's how good the animation is) until I quickly realised that not even David Attenborough can get that cosy with wild animals.

And then someone started singing something repetitious, and I found I was a watching ... an animated musical.

I was still quite impressed with the production values ... until quite a bit of the dialog got going - and the enterprise bogged down into icky Disney values - wholesome, sentimental treacle ... at least on the surface.

Having discovered what TLK was about, I could gratefully switch it off and write this instead. ...

I'm still impressed with the animation, but :)

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