Potiche (François Ozon, 2010) Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Fabrice Luchini

When her husband is taken hostage by his striking employees, a trophy wife [potiche] takes control of the family business and proves to be a remarkably effective leader.

Set in 1977, this is based on a play. I suspect the film is a little less realistic in style, as there are a few minutes of it which would have been impossible to do on a small stage. When the boss's wife (Deneuve) and the mayor (Depardieu) visit the local night club to talk about strategy - but also about their relationship - the scene briefly turns into a musical when everyone on the dance floor is doing the same routine with the star couple leading at the front. The other occasion is when Deneuve's character has been elected to parliament. She makes a victory speech to her supporters but then takes a microphone with an implausibly long cable and proceeds to the floor, wandering among them, while singing a popular song. This is the ending of the film.
Deneuve, who is one month older than me, is still slim. Depardieu is not.

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