The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone

roman springThe Roman Spring of Mrs Stone (Jose Quintero, 1961) novel Tennessee Williams, screenplay Gavin Lambert

Vivien Leigh, Warren Beatty, Coral Browne

An aging actress travels to Rome with her husband; after he suddenly dies during the flight, she begins a passionate affair with a young gigolo.

I watched the earlier Roman Spring of Mrs Stone (Jose Quintero, 1961) only because it has my cousin Coral Browne in it. (I accidentally watched the later TV movie with Helen Mirren [R.A. Ackerman, 2003] first.) I didn’t even know Tennessee Williams wrote the story. I should read more about Williams: the only thing I know about him is that he was homosexual. I hope that doesn’t have anything to do with the degradation – associated with sexuality – that crops up in his work.

Garry Gillard | New: 4 March, 2017 | Now: 1 August, 2019