I've never thought until now of the possibility of a work of art being efficient. I sat down to watch Spotlight (Tom McCarthy, 2015) without expectations, not being interested in the story, knowing only that the film won the Best Film Oscar in 2016. Two hours later, I knew all about the Boston Globe's exposure of child molestation within the Catholic church. It was a painless experience – but not one of reverence: I had merely seen a job done very well. There was nothing that I noticed that was remarkable in any of craft areas, including, for this argument, acting. I am surprised that both Ruffalo and McAdams won awards. I think that she is to be praised for not over-acting – but that's not quite the same thing as, um, acting. And Ruffalo is a bit too quirky, with some annoying mannerisms that reminded me a bit of Brando. In fact, that was the only distraction from this docudrama getting its story across effectively, and he should have been penalised rather than rewarded.

Garry Gillard | New: 26 February, 2017 | Now: 27 February, 2017