That Certain Something

That Certain Something (Clarence G. Badger, 1941)

When I watched this in 2012, it occurred to me that one type of film for which I hadn’t created a list is what I’ll call ‘metafilms’. By that, I mostly mean simply films that are to some extent about making a film – as well as films that experiment/play with the medium as such. So I made one - only for Australasian films so far.

The 'certain something', if you want to know, is 'it' - as in 'she's got it' (sex appeal). Badger made a film in 1927, the star of which was Clara Bow, who became known as the It Girl. Badger was trying to make the Australian version, with Megan Edwards (who?) as the Girl.

The reason I took an interest in Badger is because he came to Australia and made a couple of films here, this one (his last), and Rangle River (1936). He died in Sydney in 1964.

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