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Tim Winton

Blueback (Robert Connolly, 2023) wr. Tim Winton; Mia Wasikowska, Ariel Donoghue, Ilsa Fogg, Radha Mitchell, Liz Alexander, Clarence Ryan, Pedrea Jackson, Erik Thomson, Eric Bana; released 1Jan23

Breath (Simon Baker, 2017) wr. Gerard Lee, Tim Winton (from his 2008 novel), Peter Duncan, Simon Baker, prod. Simon Baker, Jamie Hilton, Mark Johnson, dist. Arclight, Palace; Simon Baker, Elizabeth Debicki, Richard Roxburgh, Rachael Blake, Samson Coulter, Ben Spence; surfing; WAs

Cloudstreet (Matthew Saville, 2011) TV series, novel by Tim Winton

Dirt Music (Gregor Jordan, 2020) film rights of Tim Winton's novel were bought by Phillip Noyce in 2002, but it is now to be produced by Finola Dwyer, Amanda Poser, and Angie Fielder; film to be shot in WA set in fictional seaside town of White Point; Layla Tucak, "Noyce to put Music on film", The Australian, 11 May 2002: 3; UK/Aust copro; shot mid-west WA, Kimberley, Dongara, Port Denison; WA Regional Film Fund

In the Winter Dark (James Bogle, 1998) novel by Tim Winton

Lockie Leonard (2007) TV series, books by Tim Winton

Riders, The (Julian Jarrold? Robert Connolly? announced 2012) prod. Susie Brooks-Smith, Robert Fox, Timothy White; Sam Worthington, Timothy Spall, Charles Dance, Alexandra Maria Lara

Shallows (??) novel by Tim Winton; Impian Films project

That Eye the Sky (John Ruane, 1994) novel by Tim Winton

Turning, The (Benedict Andrews and nine others, 2013) shorts; collection of short films based on stories by Tim Winton, filmed Perth WA; premiere MIFF 3 August 2013

Water Was Dark and It Went Forever Down, The (Khrob Edmonds, Miranda Edmonds, 2009) Anna Brockway, Madeline Wallman; short, 11 min.

I’ve read and appreciated most of Tim Winton’s novels, and seen and liked the two films that so far have been made therefrom: That Eye the Sky (John Ruane, 1994) and In the Winter Dark (James Bogle, 1998), but Cloudstreet is (for me) different: I just can’t believe a word of it – or enter its world. The miniseries (Matthew Saville, 2011) is something else: having now carefully watched the whole thing I think the TV production is magnificent.

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An Open Swimmer (1982)
Shallows (1984)
That Eye, The Sky (1986)
In the Winter Dark (1988)
Cloudstreet (1991)
The Riders (1994)
Blueback (1997)
Dirt Music (2001)
Breath (2008)
Lockie Leonard (1990-1997)
Eyrie (2013)

Short story collections

Scission (1985)
Minimum Of Two (1987)
A Blow, A Kiss (1985)
The Collected Shorter Novels of Tim Winton (1995)
The Turning (2005)


Small Mercies (2006)


Rising Water (2011)
Signs of Life (2012)
Shrine (2013)

In collections of short stories and essays

Winton’s short stories have been published in numerous publications and widely anthologised:

"Big World", Journeys: Modern Australian Short Stories, Barry Oakley (ed), Five Mile Press, 2007
"Abbreviation"/"Ten viet tat", Truyen ngan Uc/Australian Short Stories, Rose Moxham (ed), Trinh Lu (translator), Hoi Nhaa Van, 2005
"Cockleshell", Harvard Review, No. 27, Christina Thompson (ed), 2004
"Landing", A Place on Earth: An Anthology of Nature Writing from Australia and North America, Mark Tredinnick (ed), University of Nebraska Press and University of New South Wales Press, 2003
"How the Reef was Won", The Bulletin, vol. 121 no. 6384, 5 August 2003
"Aquifer", The Beacon Best of 2001, Junot Diaz (ed), Beacon Press, 2001

Children's books

Jesse (1988)
Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo (1990)
The Bugalugs Bum Thief (1991)
Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster (1993)
Lockie Leonard, Legend (1997)
The Deep (1998) – picture book illustrated by Karen Louise


Land's Edge (1993) – with Trish Ainslie and Roger Garwood
Local Colour: Travels in the Other Australia (1994), republished in the U.S. as Australian Colors: Images of the Outback (1998) – photography and text by Bill Bachman, additional text by Tim Winton
Down to Earth (1999) – text by Tim Winton and photographs by Richard Woldendorp
Smalltown (2009) – text by Tim Winton and photographs by Martin Mischkulnig
Island Home (2015)
Tide-Lands - Idris Murphy (2015) text by Tim Winton and art by Idris Murphy
The Boy Behind the Curtain (2016)


That Eye The Sky adapted by Justin Monjo and Richard Roxburgh – stage New Theatre, Newtown[30]
Cloudstreet adapted by Paige Gibbs – ABC radio[31]
Cloudstreet adapted by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo. First performed by Black Swan Theatre Company. Toured internationally with Belvoir Street Theatre[32]
Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo adapted by Paige Gibbs. First performed by the Perth Theatre Company[33]
Lockie Leonard, Scumbuster adapted by Garry Fry. First performed by Theatre South, Wollongong 1998[34]
Bugalugs Bum Thief adapted by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre[35]
Bugalugs Bum Thief adapted by Monkey Baa Theatre Company – live theatre[36]
The Deep adapted by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre[37]
Blueback adapted by Peta Murray for Terrapin Puppet Theatre and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre[38]
The Turning adapted by Bill McCluskey performed by the Perth Theatre Company for the 2008 Perth International Writer’s Festival (PIAF)[39]


A film based on That Eye the Sky, directed by John Ruane, was released in 1994[40]
A film based on In The Winter Dark directed by James Bogle was released in 1998[41]
Two television series based on the Lockie Leonard books. The first series screened in 2007, the second in 2010.[42]
A film adaptation of short story 'The Water Was Dark and Went Forever Down', 2009.[43]
A TV miniseries based on Cloudstreet was aired in 2011.[44]
A film based on The Turning was released in September 2013. It was nominated for and won many awards.[45]
A film adaptation of The Riders was in development but there have been serious problems.[46]
An opera adaptation of The Riders Victorian Opera/Malthouse Theatre 2014[47]
An opera adaptation of Cloudstreet State Opera of South Australia. Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, premiered May 12 and 13 2016.[48]
A film adaptation of the short story ‘Secrets’ directed by Michael Rowe is in development.
A film adaptation of Shallows was released 2016[49]
A film adaptation of Breath filming underway April 2016[50]

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