Inclusive list of Australasian comedies including films with prominent comedic elements

Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The (Bruce Beresford, 1972)

Alvin Purple (Tim Burstall, 1973)

Alvin Rides Again (David Bilcock & Robin Copping, 1974)

Australian Dream (Jackie McKimmie, 1987) Noni Hazlehurst, Graeme Blundell, John Jarratt; comedy; 86 min. love affair comedy-drama; Hazlehurst and Jarratt met here and later married

Around the World in Eighty Ways (Stephen MacLean, 1988) wr. Stephen MacLean & Phil Leadon, prod. David Elfick & Steve Knapman, dp Louis Irving, ed Marc van Buren; Philip Quast, Allan Penney, Diana Davidson, Kelly Dingwall, Rob Steele, Gosia Dobrowolska (nurse Ophelia Cox); 91 min.

Babe (Chris Noonan, 1995)

Babe: Pig in the City (George Miller, 1998)

Bachelor Girl (Rivka Hartman, 1987) aka Once Upon a Wedding; Kym Gyngell; Jewish comedy; 86 min.

Bad Eggs (Tony Martin, 2003)

Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (Bruce Beresford, 1974)

Big Night Out, The (Tim Boyle, 1998)

Big Steal, The (Nadia Tass, 1990)

Bit Part, The (Brendan Maher, 1987) wr. Steve Vizard; Chris Haywood, Nicole Kidman, Katrina Foster, John Wood, Maurie Fields, Maureen Edwards; comedy; Michael Thornton is a Careers Counsellor who desires to be a bit part actor; 87 min.

Cappuccino (Anthony Bowman, 1989) John Clayton, Rowena Wallace, Jeanie Drynan, Ernie Dingo (as himself)

Castle, The (Rob Sitch, 1997)

Clinic, The (David Stevens, 1983) prod. Robert le Tet, Bob Weiss for the Film House, Generation Films, wr. Greg Millen, dp Ian Baker, ed. Edward McQueen-Mason, design Tracy Wart; Simon Burke, Pat Evison, Chris Haywood, Rona McLeon, Gerda Nicholson, Suzanne Roylance; gay doctor working in VD clinic; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Coca-Cola Kid, The (Dusan Makaveyev, 1985) wr. Frank Moorhouse, based on two of his short stories; Eric Roberts, Greta Scacchi, Bill Kerr, Chris Haywood, Max Gillies, Kris McQuade, Tony Barry, Paul Chubb, David Slingsby, Tim Finn; Oedipal struggle of son against father, among many other things

Cosi (Mark Joffe, 1996)

Crackerjack (Mick Molloy, 2002)

Crackers (David Swann, 1998)

Craic, The (Ted Emery, 1999)

Crocodile Dundee (Peter Faiman, 1986) Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon, David Gulpilil (Neville Bell); 96 min.

Crocodile Dundee II (John Cornell, 1988) dp Russell Boyd; Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Ernie Dingo (Charlie)

Crocodile Dundee in LA (Simon Wincer, 2001)

Crop, The (Scott Patterson, 2004)

Dags (Murray Fahey, 1998)

Danny Deckchair (Jeff Balsmeyer, 2003)

Dating the Enemy (Megan Simpson Huberman, 1996)

Dear Cardholder (Bill Bennett, 1987) comedy; Robin Ramsay, Jennifer Cluff, Marion Chirgwin, Jon Ewart, Patrick Cook, Bob Ellis; clerk acquires credit card, only to get deeper in debt

Dear Claudia (Chris Cudlipp, 1999)

Death in Brunswick (John Ruane, 1991)

Dish, The (Rob Sitch, 2000)

Don's Party (Bruce Beresford, 1976)

Emoh Ruo (Denny Lawrence, 1985) aka Our Home; wr. Paul Leadon & David Poltorak, prod. David Elfick; Joy Smithers, Martin Sacks, Philip Quast, Genevieve Mooy, Louise Le Nay, Max Phipps (Sam Tregado); 93 min.

Extra, The (Kevin Carlin, 2005)

Fantasy Man (John Maher, 1984) wr. John Maher; Eastman colour, 35mm from 16 mm, 82 min. prod. Basil Appleby, Darrell Lass for Centaur Enterprises, dp Tom Cowan, design Darrell Lass, ed. Rod Hibberd; Jeanie Drynan, Harold Hopkins, Terry Mack; midlife crisis comedy

Fat Pizza (Paul Fenech, 2003)

Fatty Finn (Maurice Murphy, 1980)

Few Best Men, A (Stephan Elliott, 2012) comedy; Laura Brent, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall

Fresh Air (Neil Mansfield, 1999)

Future Schlock (Barry Peak & Chris Kiely, 1984) aka The Ultimate Show; Gary Adams, Michael Bishop, Tracey Callender, Maryanne Fahey, Deborah Force, Tiriel Mora, Simon Thorpe

Gettin' Square (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2003)

Gone to the Dogs (Ken G. Hall, 1939)

He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (Richard Lowenstein, 2001)

Hercules Returns (David Parker, 1993)

Honourable Wally Norman, The (Ted Emery, 2003)

Hotel de Love (Craig Rosenberg, 1996)

I Love You Too (Daina Reid, 2010)

Illustrated Family Doctor, The (Kriv Stenders, 2004)

Les Patterson Saves the World (George Miller, 1987) wr. Barry Humphries, Diane Millstead (Humphries's wife at the time); Barry Humphries, Pamela Stephenson

Let George Do It (Ken G. Hall, 1938)

Let's Get Skase (Matthew George, 2001)

Love and Other Catastrophes (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1996)

Love in Limbo (David Elfick, 1993)

Love Serenade (Shirley Barrett, 1996)

Lucky Break (Ben Lewin, 1994)

Luigi's Ladies (Judy Morris, 1989) aka The Lunch Club; Wendy Hughes, Anne Tenney, Sandy Gore, David Rappaport, John Walton, Ray Meagher, Serge Lazareff, Joseph Spano, Max Cullen, Brian Adams, Simon Angell, Alex Angell, Prue Bassett, Johnny Hallyday, Genevieve Lemon

Malcolm (Nadia Tass, 1986) dp David Parker; Colin Friels, John Hargreaves (AFI Best Supporting Actor), Lindy Davies, Chris Haywood, Charles Tingwell; 85 min.

Man Who Sued God, The (Mark Joffe, 2002)

Man's Gotta Do, A (Chris Kennedy, 2004)

Marriage of Figaro, The (Chris Moon, 2009)

Melvin Son of Alvin (John Eastway, 1984) aka Girl-Toy; prod. James McElroy (& Hal), for Memorelle, wr. Morris Gleitzman, dp John Eastway, music Colin Stead, design Jon Dowding, ed. John Hollands; Gerry Sont, Lenita Psillakis, Jon Finlayson, Tina Bursill, Colin McEwan, Abigail, David Argue, Arianthe Galani, Graeme Blundell; comedy; Kodak colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Muggers (Dean Murphy, 1999)

Muriel's Wedding (P. J. Hogan, 1994)

My Mother Frank (Mark Lamprell, 2000)

Ned (Abe Forsyth, 2003)

Norman Loves Rose (Henri Safran, 1982) prod. Basil Appleby, Henri Safran for Norman Films, wr. Henri Safran, dp Vincent Monton, design Darrell Lass, ed. Don Saunders; Carol Kane, Tony Owen, Myra de Groot, David Downer, Barry Otto, Sandy Gore, Warren Mitchell; comedy; Jewish 13-yr-old falls in love with sister-in-law who falls pregnant; Eastman colour, 35mm, 98 min.

Nugget, The (Bill Bennett, 2002)

Occasional Course Language (Brad Hayward, 1998)

Pacific Banana (John D. Lamond, 1981) prod. John D. Lamond, SAFC, wr. Alan Hopgood, dop Gary Wapshott, design Herbert Pinter, ed. Ray Dalry; Graeme Blundell, Robin Stewart, Deborah Gray, Alyson Best, Helen Hemingway, Luan Peters, Manuia Taie; Filmed in Huahine, French Polynesia, and Norwood Studios in Adelaide; sexploitation; Eastman colour, 35mm widescreen, 80 min.

Paperback Hero (Anthony J. Bowman, 1999)

Rage in Placid Lake, The (Tony McNamara, 2003)

Reckless Kelly (Yahoo Serious, 1993)

Relatives (Anthony Bowman, 1985) prod. Basil Appleby and Henri Safran for Archer Films, wr. Anthony Bowman, dp Tom Cowan, design Darrel Lass, ed. Colin Greive; Michael Atkins, Ray Barrett, Robin Bowring, Jeannie Drynan, Norman Kaye, Bill Kerr, Ray Meagher, Carol Raye, Rowena Wallace; domestic comedy; Eastman colour, 16 mm. 90 min.

Rikky and Pete (Nadia Tass, 1988) wr. dp David Parker; Nina Landis, Steve Kearney, Bruno Lawrence, Bruce Spence; comedy

Road to Nhill (Sue Brooks, 1997)

Russian Doll (Stavros Kazantzidis, 2000)

Siam Sunset (John Polson, 1999)

SNAK: Sensitive New Age Killer (Mark Savage, 2000)

Stanley: Every Home Should Have One (Esben Storm, 1984) prod. Andrew Gaty for Seven Keys; wr. Esben Storm, from story by Andrew Gaty, Esben Storm, dp Russell Boyd, design Owen Paterson, ed. Bill Anderson; Peter Bensley, Nell Campbell, Graham Kennedy, David Argue, Jonathan Coleman, Michael Craig, Max Cullen, Lorna Lesley; Eastman colour, 35mm, 93 min.

Stork (Tim Burstall, 1971)

Strange Bedfellows (Dean Murphy, 2003)

Strange Planet (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1999)

Strike Me Lucky (Ken G. Hall, 1934)

Sweet Talker (Michael Jenkins, 1991)

Take Away (Marc Gracie, 2003)

They're a Weird Mob (Michael Powell, 1966)

Those Dear Departed (Ted Robinson, 1987) Garry McDonald, Pamela Stephenson

Touch and Go (Peter Maxwell, 1980) aka Friday the Thirteenth; prod. John Pellatt for Mutiny Pictures, wr. Peter Yeldham, dp John McLean, design David Copping, ed. Sara Bennett; Wendy Hughes, Chantal Contouri, Carmen Duncan, Jeanie Drynan, Liddy Clark, Christine Amor, Jon English, John Bluthal, Brian Blain, Vince Martin, Barbara Stephens; comedy thriller; Eastman colour, 35mm, 92 min.

True Story of Eskimo Nell, The (Richard Franklin, 1975)

Two Brothers Running (Ted Robinson, 1987) wr. Morris Lurie; Tom Conti, Elizabeth Alexander, Ritchie Singer; comedy about two Jewish brothers

Under the Radar (Evan Clarry, 2004)

Wannabes, The (Nick Giannopoulos, 2003)

Warming Up (Bruce Best, 1985) Queenie Ashton, Adam Fernance, Kim Grogan, Lloyd Morris, Barbara Stephens, Henri Szeps; comedy: country football team learns ballet

Welcome to Woop Woop (Stephan Elliott, 1997)

Willfull (Rebel Penfold-Russell, 2002)

Wog Boy (Aleksi Vellis, 2000)

You Can't Stop the Murders (Anthony Mir, 2003)

You and Your Stupid Mate (Marc Gracie, 2005)

Young Einstein (Yahoo Serious, 1988) [b. Greg Pead in Newcastle]; Yahoo Serious, Odile le Clezio, John Howard

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