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Geoff Murphy

Born NZ 1946, died December 2018. After the success of Goodbye Pork Pie, he went to Hollywood and made films such as Young Guns 2, before returning to NZ to direct the second unit for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and also the unsuccessful Spooked.

Geoff Murphy was the trumpet player who got New Zealanders yelling in the movie aisles. His road movie Goodbye Pork Pie was the first blockbuster hit of the Kiwi film renaissance. He completed an unsurpassed triple punch with the epic Utu and Bruno Lawrence alone on earth classic The Quiet Earth. NZ On Screen.

Wild Man (Geoff Murphy, 1977) wr. Bruno Lawrence, Geoff Murphy, Martyn Sanderson, Ian Watkin, prod. Bruno Lawrence, Ray Murphy, dp Alun Bollinger; Bruno Lawrence, Ian Watkin, Tony Barry, Martyn Sanderson; NZ

Goodbye Pork Pie (Geoff Murphy, 1980) wr. Ian Mune, Geoff Murphy, prod. Nigel Hutchinson, Geoff Murphy, dp Alun Bollinger; Kelly Johnson, Claire Oberman, Tony Barry; comedy; NZ

Utu (Geoff Murphy, 1983) wr. Keith Aberdein, Geoff Murphy, prod. Con Blakeney, Geoff Murphy, dp Graeme Cowley; Anzac Wallace, Bruno Lawrence, Tim Elliott; NZ

Quiet Earth, The (Geoff Murphy, 1985) wr. Craig Harrison (novel), Bill Baer, Bruno Lawrence, Sam Pillsbury, prod. Sam Pillsbury, Don Reynolds, dp James Bartle; Bruno Lawrence, Alison Routledge, Pete Smith, Anzac Wallace; scifi; NZ

Mauri (Merata Mita, 1988) dp Graeme Cowley; Merata Mita is the first Maori woman to write and direct a feature film, alone—tho she was married to director Geoff Murphy who appears in the film, as does a young Temuera Morrison; NZ

Never Say Die (Geoff Murphy, 1988) wr. Andy Borowitz, Geoff Murphy, prod. Barrie Everard, Geoff Murphy, Murray Newey, dp Rory O'Shea; Lisa Eilbacher, Temuera Morrison, Tony Barry, George Wendt, Geoff Murphy, Barrie Everard, Colin Clarke; investigative journalist, anti-apartheid; NZ

... many US films ...

Spooked (Geoff Murphy, 2004) wr. Ian Wishart (book), Geoff Murphy, prod. Geoff Dixon, Mark Hotchin, Merata Mita, Geoff Murphy, Don Reynolds, Eric Watson, dp Rewa Harre; Cliff Curtis, Christopher Hobbs, Andrea Kelland, Ian Mune, John Leigh, Mark Ferguson, Greg Johnson, Kevin J. Wilson, Alison Bruce, Vincent Ward; thriller; NZ

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