Uncivilized (Charles Chauvel, 1936) Expeditionary Films, wr. Charles Chauvel, E. V. Timms, dp Tasman Higgins, music Lindley Evans, assdir Frank Coffey, Ann Wynn [Elsa Chauvel]; Dennis Hoey, Margot Rhys, Ashton Jarry; adventure; woman kidnapped by Aborigines led by white man; northern Qld; 82 min.

A successful high-society authoress, Beatrice Lynn, travels into the wilds of northern Australia to investigate the story of a primitive Aboriginal tribe ruled by a white king, Mara. On the way she is kidnapped by an Afghan trader who takes her far into the land where the strange song of the white chieftain echoes through the jungle. Mara buys Beatrice from the Afghan and tries to win her love. After many adventures, including opium smuggling and a battle with an Aboriginal killer, Beatrice grows to love Mara and decides to remain with him in his jungle domain. Pike & Cooper: 173.

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