Women of the Silent Era

NFSA compilation

Women Of The Silent Era: Virgins, Vamps and Heroines, featuring and including excerpts from:

Five Of Hearts, The aka Buffalo Bill's Love Story (E. J. Cole, 1911) aka A Maiden's Distress; Pathe Freres; E J Cole's Bohemian Dramatic Company; this Western was presented by Empire Pictures at the Town Hall, Perth [WA], on 10 May 1911

Joan of Arc Of Loos, The (George Willoughby, 1916) dp Franklyn Barrett; Jane King, Jean Robertson, Clive Farnham; shot Tamarama Beach, Sydney; war story

Woman Suffers, The (Raymond Longford, 1918) ... While the Man Goes Free; Lottie Lyell, Boyd Irwin, Roland Conway, Connie Martyn

Breaking of the Drought, The (Franklyn Barrett, 1920) Trilby Clark, Dunstan Webb, Charles Beetham, Marie La Varre; 6 reels; NFSA restoration

Sunshine Sally (Lawson Harris, 1922) aka Winnie of Woolloomooloo; Production Company: Austral Super Films. Producer: Lawson Harris, Yvonne Pavis. Screenplay, Scenario, Script: John Cosgrove. Photography: Arthur Higgins. Assistant Director: Clyde Marsh. 5000 ft. Cast: Yvonne Pavis (Sal), Joy Revelle (Tottie Faye), John Cosgrove (Spud Murphy), Dinks Patterson (Skinny Smith), Mrs Hutton (Katie Smith), J P O'Neill (Bill Smith), Sheila Moore (Mrs Constance Stanton), Lionel Lunn (Basil Stanton), Mervyn Barrington (James Stanton), Maude Ranier (Salvation Army woman). "Sal is rescued from the surf at Coogee by a bronzed lifesaver, Basil Stanton, and is taken to his wealthy Potts Point home to recuperate." (Pike & Cooper)

Jewelled Nights (Louise Lovely, Wilton Welch, 1925)

Painted Daughters (F. Stuart-Whyte, 1925)

Those who Love (P. J. Ramster, Paulette McDonagh, 1926) prod. Paulette McDonagh, prod. manager & art dir. Phyllis McDonagh; Marie Lorraine [Isabel McDonagh]

Far Paradise, The (Paulette McDonagh, 1928)

The Cheaters (Paulette McDonagh, 1930) wr. Paulette McDonagh; Marie Lorraine [Isabel McDonagh], Josef Bambach, Arthur Greenaway; made firstly as a silent, with some sound added later

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