Where Two Rivers Meet

Where Two Rivers Meet (Ken Kelso, 1999) short, wr. Ken Kelso, prod. Nicky Lukacs, Strike Your Heart Productions, dp Greg Knight, ed. Melanie Rodriga, music Kavisha Mazzella et al.; funding SBS, Screenwest; Kelton Pell (Rory [Willy] Dalton), Geoff Kelso (Clive Lewis), Stephen "Baamba" Albert (Pastor Ronny); broadcast on SBS Friday 2 June 2000 as part of Unfinished Business: Reconciling the Nation; and on ABC Channel 2 28 May; drama of two boyhood adversaries brought together by coincidence in adulthood, who seek to reach a mutual understanding about a corrugated iron canoe, among many other things; the two rivers are the Canning and the Swan; 26 min.

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