Ten Types of Australian Film

Garry Gillard


Films referred to in each chapter (not necessarily Australian)

The Western

Assigned To His Wife (John Gavin, 1911)
Backlash (Bill Bennett, 1986)
Bitter Springs (Ralph Smart, 1950)
Burke and Wills (Graeme Clifford, 1985)
Crocodile Dundee (Peter Faiman, 1986)
Dead Heart (Nick Parsons, 1996)
Dust in the Sun (Lee Robinson, 1958)
Gulpilil: One Red Blood (documentary, Darlene Johnson, 2002)
Jedda (Charles Chauvel, 1955)
Journey out of Darkness (James Trainor, 1967)
Kangaroo (Lewis Milestone, 1952)
Last Wave, The (Peter Weir, 1977)
Mad Dog Morgan (Phillippe Mora, 1976)
Moonlite (John Gavin, 1910)
Ned Kelly (Gregor Jordan, 2003)
Rabbit-Proof Fence (Phil Noyce, 2001)
Robbery under Arms (Charles McMahon, 1907)
Shane (George Stevens, 1952)
Southern Cross (Mark DeFriest, 2001)
Squatter’s Son, The (E. J. Cole [?], 1911)
Stagecoach (John Ford, 1939)
Story of the Kelly Gang, The (Charles Tait, 1906)
Timeless Land, The (ABC, 1979, TV mini-series)
Tracker, The (Rolf de Heer, 2002)
Virginian, The (Victor Fleming, 1929)
Walkabout (Nicholas Roeg, 1971)
Waltz through the Hills, A (Frank Arnold, 1988)


Backroads (Phillip Noyce, 1977)
Bank, The (Robert Connolly, 2001)
Blackfellas (James Ricketson, 1993)
Blood Money (Chris Fitchett, 1980)
Blue Murder (Michael Jenkins, 1995)
BMX Bandits (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1983)
Boys, The (Rowan Woods, 1997)
Chopper (Andrew Dominik, 2000)
Clean Machine, The (Ken Cameron, 1988)
Crosstalk (Mark Egerton, 1982)
Custodian, The (John Dingwall, 1993)
Day of the Panther (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1988)
Dead Calm (Phil Noyce, 1989)
Dead Heart (Nick Parsons, 1996)
Dead-End Drive In (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
Deadly (Esben Storm, 1992)
Death in Brunswick (John Ruane, 1991)
Deathcheaters (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1976)
Dirty Deeds (David Caesar, 2002)
Empty Beach, The (Chris Thomson, 1985)
End Play (Tim Burstall, 1975)
Envy (Julia Money, 1999)
Final Cut (Ross Dimsey, 1980)
Fists of Blood (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1988)
Frog Dreaming (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
Georgia (Ben Lewin, 1989)
Gettin’ Square (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2003)
Hard Word, The (Scott Roberts, 2002)
Heatwave (Phillip Noyce, 1982)
Horseplay (Stavros Kazantzidis, 2003)
Idiot Box (David Caesar, 1996)
Interview, The (Craig Monahan, 1998)
Jenny Kissed Me (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
Killing of Angel Street, The (Donald Crombie, 1981)
Kiss or Kill (Bill Bennett, 1997) [Also Chapter 8 Comedy]
Love Epidemic, The (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1975)
Love Serenade (Shirley Barrett, 1996) [Also Chapter 6 Woman’s Film and Chapter 8 Comedy]
Man from Hong Kong, The (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1975)
Midnite Spares (Quentin Masters, 1982)
Money Movers, The (Bruce Beresford, 1979)
Monkey’s Mask, The (Samantha Lang, 2000)
Redball (Jon Hewitt, 1999)
Roadgames (Richard Franklin, 1981)
Romper Stomper (Geoffrey Wright, 1992)
Scales of Justice (Michael Jenkins, 1983)
Shame (Steve Jodrell, 1988) [Also Chapter 8 Comedy]
Silent Partner (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 2001)
Snapshot (Simon Wincer, 1979)
Stone (Sandy Harbutt, 1974)
Turkey Shoot (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1982)
Two Hands (Gregor Jordan, 1999)
Weekend of Shadows (Tom Jeffrey, 1978)
Well, The (Samantha Lang, 1997)

Social Problem Films

Angel Baby (Michael Rymer, 1995) [Also Chapter 5 Melodrama]
Beneath Clouds (Ivan Sen, 2002)
Blackboard Jungle (Richard Brooks, 1955)
Boys, The (Rowan Woods, 1997)
Careful He Might Hear You (Carl Schultz, 1983) [Also Chapter 6 Woman’s Film]
Dead Heart (Nick Parsons, 1996)
Dead Man Walking (Tim Robbins, 1995)
Deadly (Esben Storm, 1992)
Delinquents, The (Chris Thomson, 1989)
FJ Holden, The (Michael Thornhill, 1977)
Fran (Glenda Hambly, 1985) [Also Chapter 6 Woman’s Film]
Heartbreak Kid, The (Michael Jenkins, 1993)
Jenny Kissed Me (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
Lilian’s Story (Jerzy Domaradzki, 1996) [Also Chapter 5 Melodrama]
Mad Max (Dr George Miller, 1979)
Mallboy (Vincent Giarrusso, 2000)
Metal Skin, (Geoffrey Wright, 1995)
Rabbit-Proof Fence (Phil Noyce, 2001)
Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray, 1955)
Remember the Titans (Boaz Yakin, 2002)
Running on Empty (John Clark, 1982)
Shame (Steve Jodrell, 1988)
Stone (Sandy Harbutt, 1974)
Teesh and Trude (Melanie Rodriga, 2002) [Also Chapter 6 Woman’s Film]
Wild One, The (Laslo Benedek, 1954)
Yolngu Boy (Stephen Johnson, 2001)


Angel Baby (Michael Rymer, 1995) [Also Chapter 4 Social Problem]
Boys, The (Rowan Woods, 1997) [Also Chapter 3 Crime]
Lantana (Ray Lawrence, 2001)
Lilian’s Story (Jerzy Domaradzki, 1996) [Also Chapter 4 Social Problem]
Lonely Hearts (Paul Cox, 1982)
Mullet (David Caesar, 2001)
My First Wife (Paul Cox, 1984)
Quiet Room, The (Rolf de Heer, 1996)
Sum of Us, The (Geoff Burton & Kevin Dowling, 1994)

The Woman’s Film

Amy (Nadia Tass, 1998)
Caddie (Donald Crombie, 1976)
Careful He Might Hear You (Carl Schultz, 1983) [Also Chapter 4 Social Problem]
Cathy’s Child (Donald Crombie, 1979)
Cheaters, The (Paulette McDonagh, 1930)
Dawn! (Ken Hannam, 1979)
Evil Angels aka A Cry in the Dark (Fred Schepisi, 1988)
Far Paradise, The (Paulette McDonagh, 1928)
Feeling Sexy (Davida Allen, 1999)
Fran (Glenda Hambly, 1985) [Also Chapter 4 Social Problem]
High Tide (Gillian Armstrong, 1987)
Holy Smoke (Jane Campion, 1999)
Last Days of Chez Nous (Gillian Armstrong, 1992)
Love and Other Catastrophes (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1996)
Love Serenade (Shirley Barrett, 1996) [Also Chapter 3 Crime]
Muriel’s Wedding (P. J. Hogan, 1994) [Also Chapter 7 Musical and Chapter 8 Comedy]
My Brilliant Career (Gillian Armstrong, 1979)
One Night the Moon (Rachel Perkins, 2001)
Piano, The (Jane Campion, 1983)
Praise (John Curran, 1999)
Radiance (Rachel Perkins, 1999)
Soft Fruit (Christina Andreef, 1999)
Sweetie (Jane Campion, 1989)
Teesh and Trude (Melanie Rodriga, 2002) [Also Chapter 4 Social Problem]
Those who Love (P. J. Ramster, Paulette McDonagh, 1926)
Tim (Michael Pate, 1979)
To Have and To Hold (John Hillcoat, 1997)
Two Minutes Silence (Paulette McDonagh, 1933)
Waiting (Jackie McKimmie, 1991)
We of the Never Never (Igor Auzins, 1982)


ABBA: The Movie (Lasse Hallstrom, 1978)
Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, The (Stephan Elliott, 1994)
Betty Blokk-buster Follies (Peter Batey, 1976)
Bigger than Tina (Neil Foley, 1999)
Broken Melody, The (Ken G. Hall, 1938)
Cheaters, The (Paulette McDonagh, 1930)
Come Up Smiling [Ants In His Pants] (William Freshman, 1939)
Cosi (Mark Joffe, 1996)
Dingo (Rolf de Heer, 1992)
Facing the Music (documentary, dirs Bob Connolly & Robin Anderson, 2001)
Garage Days (Alex Proyas, 2002)
Jazz Singer, The (Alan Croslan, 1927)
Moulin Rouge (Baz Luhrmann, 2001)
Muriel’s Wedding (P. J. Hogan, 1994) [Also Chapter 8 Comedy and Chapter 6 Woman’s Film]
One Night the Moon (Rachel Perkins, 2001)
Oz (Chris Lofven, 1976)
Passion (Peter Duncan, 1999)
Piano, The (Jane Campion, 1983)
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (Jim Sharman, 1975)
Shine (Scott Hicks, 1996)
Shirley Thompson versus the Aliens (Jim Sharman, 1972)
Show Business (A. R. Harwood, 1938)
Showgirl’s Luck (Norman Dawn, 1931)
Singin’ in the Rain (Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly, 1952)
Slim Dusty Movie, The (Rob Stewart, 1984)
Star Struck (Gillian Armstrong, 1982)
Strictly Ballroom (Baz Luhrmann, 1992)
Tracker, The (Rolf de Heer, 2002)
Walk The Talk (Shirley Barrett, 2000) [Also Chapter 8 Comedy]


ABC of Love and Sex Australian Style (John D. Lamond, 1978)
Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The (Bruce Beresford, 1972)
Alvin Purple (Tim Burstall, 1973)
Alvin Rides Again (David Bilcock & Robin Copping, 1974)
Australia After Dark (John D. Lamond, 1974)
Bad Eggs (Tony Martin, 2003)
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (Bruce Beresford, 1974)
Better Than Sex (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2000)
Castle, The (Rob Sitch, 1997)
Crackerjack (Paul Moloney, 2002)
Craic, The (Ted Emery, 1999)
Crocodile Dundee (Peter Faiman, 1986)
Crocodile Dundee 2 (John Cornell, 1988)
Dear Claudia (Chris Cudlipp, 1999)
Dirty Deeds (David Caesar, 2002)
Dish, The (Rob Sitch, 2000)
Fantasm, (“Richard Bruce” [Richard Franklin], 1976)
Fantasm Comes Again, (“Eric Ram” [Colin Eggleston], 1977)
Hotel de Love (Craig Rosenberg, 1996)
It Isn’t Done (Ken G. Hall, 1937)
Les Patterson Saves the World (George Miller, 1987)
Let George Do It (Ken G. Hall, 1938)
Melvin Son of Alvin (John Eastway, 1984)
Muriel’s Wedding (Paul J. Hogan, 1994)
Paperback Hero (Anthony J. Bowman, 1999)
Road to Nhill, The (Sue Brooks, 1997)
Russian Doll (Stavros Kazantzidis, 2000)
Strange Planet (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1999)
Strike Me Lucky (Ken G. Hall, 1934)
Sweet Talker (Michael Jenkins, 1991)
Welcome to Woop Woop (Stephan Elliott, 1997)


Bad Boy Bubby (Rolf de Heer, 1994)
Broken Highway (Laurie McInnes, 1994)
Cars That Ate Paris, The (Peter Weir, 1974)
Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998)
Dogwatch (Laurie McInnes, 1999)
Homesdale (Peter Weir, 1971)
Incident at Raven’s Gate (Rolf de Heer, 1988)
Master and Commander (Peter Weir, 2003)
Night The Prowler, The (Jim Sharman, 1979)
Plumber, The (Peter Weir, 1979)
Summerfield (Ken Hannam, 1977)
Walkabout (Nicolas Roeg, 1971)
Well, The (Samantha Lang, 1997)


Big Steal, The (Nadia Tass, 1990)
Blackrock (Steven Vidler, 1997)
BMX Bandits (Brian Trenchard-Smith)
Breaking Loose (Rod Hay, 1988)
Bush Christmas (Henri Safran, 1983)
Devil’s Playground, The (Fred Schepisi, 1976)
Delinquents, The (Chris Thomson, 1989)
Emma’s War (Clytie Jessop, 1988)
FJ Holden, The (Michael Thornhill, 1977)
Flirting (John Duigan, 1990)
Heartbreak Kid, The (Michael Jenkins, 1993)
Irishman, The (Donald Crombie, 1978)
Looking for Alibrandi (Kate Woods, 2000)
Love in Limbo (David Elfick, 1993)
Lover Boy (Geoffrey Wright, 1989)
Mallboy (Vince Giarrusso, 2000)
Mouth to Mouth (John Duigan, 1978)
Moving Out (Michael Pattinson, 1983)
Nostradamus Kid, The (Bob Ellis, 1993)
One Night Stand (John Duigan, 1984)
Puberty Blues (Bruce Beresford, 1981)
Secrets (Michael Pattinson, 1992)
Slate, Wyn and Me (Don McLennan, 1987)
Street Hero (Michael Pattinson, 1984)
Summer City (Christopher Fraser, 1977)
Year My Voice Broke, The (John Duigan, 1987)
Young Einstein (Yahoo Serious, 1988)

Art Film

Alexandra’s Project (Rolf de Heer, 2003)
Bad Boy Bubby (Rolf de Heer, 1994)
Broken Highway (Laurie McInnes, 1993)
Dance Me to My Song (Rolf de Heer, 1998)
Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky, The (Paul Cox, 2002)
Dingo (Rolf de Heer, 1991)
Dogwatch  (Laurie McInnes, 1999)
Incident at Raven’s Gate (Rolf de Heer, 1988)
Epsilon (Rolf de Heer, 1997)
Exile (Paul Cox, 1994)
Golden Braid (Paul Cox, 1990)
Human Touch, The (Paul Cox, in production)
Inside Looking Out (Paul Cox, 1977)
Journey with Paul Cox, A (Gerrit Messiaen & Rob Visser, 1996)
Life (Lawrence Johnston, 1995)
Lonely Hearts (Paul Cox, 1982)
Lust and Revenge (Paul Cox, 1996)
Man of Flowers (Paul Cox, 1983)
Molokai: The Story of Father Damien (Paul Cox, 1999)
My First Wife (Paul Cox, 1984)
Old Man Who Read Love Stories, The (Rolf de Heer, 2001)
Quiet Room, The (Rolf de Heer, 1996)
Tale of a Tiger (Rolf de Heer, 1984)
Tracker, The (Rolf de Heer, 2002)
Vincent (Paul Cox, 1987)
Where the Green Ants Dream (Werner Herzog, 1983)


Black and White (Craig Lahiff, 2002)
Goddess Of 1967, The (Clara Law, 2000)
Man From Snowy River, The (Beaumont Smith, 1920)
Man from Snowy River II, The (Geoff Burrowes, 1988)
Man from Snowy River, The (George Miller, 1982)
Monkey Grip (Ken Cameron, 1982)
Nugget, The (Bill Bennett, 2002)
On Our Selection (George Whaley, 1995)
On Our Selection (Ken G. Hall, 1932) aka Down on the Farm
On Our Selection (Raymond Longford, 1920)
Patrick (Richard Franklin, 1978)
Sentimental Bloke, The (Raymond Longford, 1919)
Two Friends (Jane Campion, 1985)
Wog Boy, The (Aleksi Vellis, 2000)

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