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Peter Hardy

Pursuit of Happiness, The (Martha Ansara, 1988) prod. Martha Ansara, wr. Martha Ansara, Laura Black, Alex Gibson; Anna Gare, Laura Black, Peter Hardy, Jack Coleman; set and shot in Fremantle WA; female journo involved in peace movement; low-budget political thriller

Daisy and Simon (Stasch Radwanski Jr., 1989) aka Where the Outback Ends; prod. Pamela Borain & Paul D. Barron, Barron Films, assisted inter alia by the WA Film Commission, 35 mm., 106 min.; Sean Scully, Jan Adele, Peter Hardy; comedy based on age difference; Perth [WA] accountant gradually falls for an older woman after he helps out on her property; tired and unoriginal drama

Dingo (Rolf de Heer, 1991) Colin Friels (as a trumpeter), Miles Davis, Bernadette Lafont, Helen Buday; review by Raymond Younis in Murray 1995: 337; filmed around Bungle Bungles, WA, and in Paris; Colin Friels plays a trumpeter; American Miles Davis really is one

Mr Reliable (Nadia Tass, 1996) aka My Entire Life; wr. Don Catchlove, Terry Hayes; comedy; Colin Friels, Jacqueline McKenzie, Susie Porter, Paul Sonkkila, Frank Gallacher; Wally Mellish gets away with it because he can't read and write

Fable (Malcolm McDonald, 1997) telemovie, wr. Ian Coughlan; Simon Westaway, Melissa George, Richard Piper, Marta Dusseldorp, Sarah Peirse, Peter Hardy, Paul Sonkkila, Chris Haywood, David Franklin

Ripper, The (Janet Meyers, 1997) telemovie; wr. Robert Rodat; Patrick Bergin, Gabrielle Anwar, Samuel West, Michael York, Adam Couper, Essie Davis, Olivia Hamnett, Karen Davitt, Damien Pree, Stewart Morritt, Kevin Miles, John Gregg, Frank Whitten, Peter Collingwood Josephine Keen, Peter Hardy

Dead End (Iren Koster, 1998) thriller; went straight to video

Chopper (Andrew Dominik, 2000) Eric Bana, Vince Colosimo (Neville Bartos), Simon Lyndon, David Field; screened Toronto 2000; 94 min.

Dangerous Remedy (Ken Cameron, 2012) telemovie, wr. Kris Wyld, Bertram Wainer (book); Jeremy Sims, Susie Porter, Maeve Dermody, Mark Leonard Winter, Peter O'Brien, William McInnes, Nicholas Bell, Gary Sweet, Chris Haywood, Peter Hardy

Is This the Real World? (Martin McKenna, 2015) wr. Martin McKenna; Sean Keenan, Charlotte Best, Susie Porter, Julia Blake, Jack Finsterer, Greg Stone, Peter Hardy; coming of age

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