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Longford Lyell Award (formerly Raymond Longford Award)

The AACTA Longford Lyell Award is named in honour of Raymond Longford and Lottie Lyell, two of Australia's great filmmaking pioneers, and is the highest accolade the AFI /AACTA can bestow on an individual. First presented in 1968, the Award is given to a person who has shown an unwavering commitment over many years to excellence in the film and television industries and has, through their body of work to date, contributed substantially to the enrichment of Australian screen culture.

AFI Raymond Longford Award Recipients

Those awarded the Raymond Longford Award between 1968 and 2010 were awarded under the AFI, as follows.

1968 Ian Dunlop (Director)
1970 Stanley Hawes (Director/Producer)
1976 Ken G. Hall (Director)
1977 Charles Chauvel (Director/Producer/Writer)
1978 McDonagh Sisters - Paulette, Phyllis & Isobel (Filmmakers)
1979 Jerzy Toeplitz (Founding Director AFTRS)
1980 Tim Burstall (Director)
1981 Phillip Adams (Producer/Journalist)
1982 Eric Porter (Animator)
1983 Bill Gooley (Film Technician)
1984 David Williams (Exhibitor/Distributor)
1985 Don Crosby (Actor)
1986 Barry Jones MP (Federal Minister and First Chairman AFTRS)
1987 Paul Riomfalvy (First Director NSW Film Corp)
1988 Russell Boyd (Cinematographer)
1989 John Meillon (posthumous) (Actor)
1990 Peter Weir (Director)
1991 Fred Schepisi (Director)
1992 Lee Robinson (Director)
1993 Sue Milliken (Producer)
1994 Jack Thompson (Actor)
1995 Dr George Miller (Director)
1997 Jan Chapman (Producer)
1998 Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell (Actor)
1999 John Politzer (Exhibitor/Distributor)
2000 Anthony Buckley AO (Producer)
2001 David Stratton (Film Critic)
2003 Ted Robinson (Writer/Producer/Director/Choreographer)
2004 Patricia Lovell (Producer)
2005 Ray Barrett (Actor)
2006 Ian Jones (Writer/Producer/Director)
2007 David Hannay (Producer)
2008 Dione Gilmour (Natural History Filmmaker)
2009 Geoffrey Rush (Actor)
2010 Reg Grundy AC, OBE (Broadcaster/Producer/Entrepreneur)

AACTA Raymond Longford Award Recipients

In August 2011, the AFI established the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA). Therefore, Don McAlpine was the first screen practitioner to be awarded the AACTA Raymond Longford Award.

2012 – Inaugural AACTA Awards Don McAlpine (Cinematographer)
2013 – 2nd AACTA Awards Al Clark (Producer)
2014 – 3rd AACTA Awards Jacki Weaver (Actress)

AACTA Longford Lyell Award Recipients

In 2015, the name of the Award was changed, following consultation with industry, in
recognition of Raymond Longford’s partner in filmmaking and in life, Lottie Lyell.

2015 – 4th AACTA Awards Andrew Knight (Writer, Producer)
2015 – 5th AACTA Awards Cate Blanchett (Actress)
2016 – 6th AACTA Awards Paul Hogan (Actor)
2017 – 7th AACTA Awards Phillip Noyce (Director)

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