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Franco di Chiera

Franco di Chiera has directed a considerable number of docos for TV, and this one feature film. In 2013 he became Director, WA Screen Academy, Edith Cowan University. A post-graduate course, the Academy is the screen production counterpart of WAAPA. Student actors from WAAPA star in Academy films as a part of their screen training, providing them and the filmmakers with showreels. (Facebook.)

Joys of the Women (Franco di Chiera, 1993) WA; doco about the choir founded in Fremantle by Kavisha Mazzella, Le Gioie delle Donne

Big Mamma's Boy (Franco di Chiera, 2011) wr. Frank Lotito; Frank Lotito, Holly Valance, Carmelina di Guglielmo, George Kapiniaris, Costas Kilias, Maria Venuti, Steve Mouzakis, Jim Russell, Pia Miller, Natalie Gauci; comedy; WA

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