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Joys of the Women

Joys of the Women (Franco di Chiera, 1993) WA; doco about the choir founded in Fremantle by Kavisha Mazzella, Le Gioie delle Donne

Director Franco di Chiera of Electric Pictures approached Kavisha Mazzella in 1992 to make a film about her Fremantle women's choir Le Gioie Delle Donne (The Joys of The Women).

One of the women in the choir was Emma Ciccotosto, who was the subject of an autobiography written with Michal Bosworth, and then a play also called Emma, presented by Deckchair Theatre in the Customs House in Phillimore Street in 1992, the play by Graham Pitts and starring Rosemary (aka Rosemarie) Lenzo as Emma Ciccotosto.

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