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Christopher Fitchett

Melanie and Me (Christopher Fitchett, 1975) short feature, prod. Christopher Fitchett; Debbie Burke, Michael Carman, Sally Conabere, Annie Ryall; 50 min.

Queensland (John Ruane, 1976) prod. Christopher Fitchett, wr. John Ruane and Ellery Ryan, dp Ellery Ryan, ed. Mark Norfolk; John Flaus, Bob Karl, Alison Bird, Tom Broadbridge, Jack Mobbs, Patricia Condon; Melbourne, colour, 16mm, 52 min.

Blood Money (Christopher Fitchett, 1980) prod. Tom Broadbridge and Chris Oliver for Filmworks; wr. Christopher Fitchett, John Ruane, Ellery Ryan; dp Ellery Ryan; ed. Chris Oliver; John Flaus, Bryan Brown, Peter Curtain, Chrissie James, Sue Jones, John Proper, Peter Stratford; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 64/72 min.; b/w; VHS

Desolation Angels (Chris Fitchett, 1982) aka Fair Game, Killing Time; Eastman colour, 35 mm 95 min. producer: Chris Oliver, Winternight Productions, wr. Christopher Fitchett, Ellery Ryan, dp Ellery Ryan, music Mark MacSherry, design: Josephine Ford, editor: Tony Stevens; Nick Lathouris, Kerry Mack, Jay Mannering, Marie O'Laughlin, Kim Trengrove, Karen West; thriller

Cassandra (Colin Eggleston, 1987) wr. Colin Eggleston, John Ruane, Christopher Fitchett, prod. Trevor Lucas, music Trevor Lucas, Ian Mason; Tessa Humphries [daughter of Barry Humphries], Shane Briant, Susan Barling, Tim Burns, Briony Behets [director's wife]; slasher whodunnit thriller

Heartbeat Away, A (Gale Edwards, 2001) wr. Julie Kincade, prod. Christopher Fitchett, Chris Brown, dp Robert Humphreys, music Guy Gross; Sebastian Gregory, Isabel Lucas, William Zappa; comedy musical

Blurred (Evan Clarry, 2002) wr. Stephen Davis, Kier Shorey, prod. Christopher Fitchett, Chris Brown, dp Phil Cross; claimed as the first feature film made entirely in Queensland since 1949 (since Sons of Matthew, Charles Chauvel); Jamie Croft, Jessica Gower, Gyton Grantley, Matthew Newton; "sex, drugs and trashed apartments are just part of the schoolies story..."; released 31 October 2002

Fear of Darkness, The (Christopher Fitchett, 2015) wr. Christopher Fitchett, prod. Mark Overett, SQ, dp Jason Hargreaves; Maeve Dermody, Penelope Mitchell, Damien Garvey; brilliant young psychiatrist who is forced to confront the dark creature that dwells deep within her when she investigates the disappearance of a female university student; shoot Gold Coast Jan 2014

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