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A Heartbeat Away

A Heartbeat Away (Gale Edwards, 2001) wr. Julie Kincade, prod. Christopher Fitchett, Chris Brown, dp Robert Humphreys, music Guy Gross; Sebastian Gregory, Isabel Lucas, William Zappa; comedy musical

A Heartbeat Away is the antipodean version of Brassed Off, but not as good.

While the film clearly has a good heart, the emotional arc is totally missing and as the tale comes to its climactic conclusion, we feel little of the elation that we should be experiencing. Louise Keller, urban cinefile.

Some of the blame falls on the screenplay, which collects every cliché required in the course of telling what is in any case a rather corny story. ... Clichés and caricatures crowd the film as characters take postures; nothing and no-one seems quite real ... Andrew L. Urban, urban cinefile.

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