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Chris Kennedy

Not to be confused with the award-winning production designer of the same name.

Glass (Chris Kennedy, 1989) drama; erotic thriller

This Won't Hurt a Bit (Chris Kennedy, 1993) aka Le Dentiste; Grieg Pickhaver, Alwyn Kurts, Gordon Chater, Dennis Miller, Jacqueline McKenzie, Colleen Clifford; comedy; dentistry

Doing Time For Patsy Cline (Chris Kennedy, 1997) prod. Chris Kennedy, John Winter, wr. Chris Kennedy, dp Andrew Lesnie (AFI award); Miranda Otto, Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day, Tony Barry, Roy Billing, Annie Byron, Gus Mercurio, Kiri Paramore, Wayne Goodwin; 96 min.

Man's Gotta Do, A (Chris Kennedy, 2004) prod. John Winter, Chris Kennedy; John Howard, Alyssa McClelland, Glyton Grantley, Rebecca Frith; quirky comedy; story of local tradesman; Howard plays a bombastic fisherman and part-time stand-over man with family problems; brief review: Michael Adams, Empire, 45, December 2004: 32 (1/5 stars) see also: 43; Australian release 4 November 2004; 93 min.

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