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A Man's Gotta Do

A Man's Gotta Do (Chris Kennedy, 2002) wr. Chris Kennedy; John Howard Alyssa McClelland, Rebecca Frith; crime/comedy; Eddie, a fisherman with some shady business dealings who is on a quest to try and improve his relationship with his daughter Chantelle; 100 min.

John Howard is always great.

Metascore 41

Critic Reviews

Adrian Martin: Apart from the kitsch fashions and suburban architecture jokes familiar from Kath and Kim, ... [i]ts blacker complications – involving, as per a certain Australian Gothic, issues of potency, fidelity and paternity – evoke the brittle vision of Shirley Barrett's films ... Film Critic.

Eddie Cockrell: A cut above the average Aussie crazy-clan comedy. Variety

Nathan Rabin: A fine cast and breezy tone elevate it to exactly the type of adequate time-waster made for intercontinental airplane flights. AV Club.

Frank Scheck: Although not without a certain cheeky, outrageous charm, Chris Kennedy's film isn't nearly as much fun as it seems to think it is. The Hollywood Reporter.

Elizabeth Weitzman: This amiable, off-kilter Australian comedy pits parental manipulation against adolescent pride, with generally amusing results. Daily News.

Ken Fox: Feels more like a 90-minute pilot for a TV series than a feature film. TV Guide Magazine.

David Sterritt: McClelland is a joy to watch, even when the story strains too hard for lovable whimsy, which happens much too often. The Christian Science Monitor.

Janet Maslin: Really, it's all as funny as a hernia. The New York Times.

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