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Gerard Lee

Gerard Lee has directed one feature film. He is better known as a writer.

All Men Are Liars (Gerard Lee, 1994) wr. Gerard Lee; comedy about a boy (David Price) who dresses as a girl to join an all-girl band; Toni Pearen, David Price, John Jarratt, Jamie Petersen, Carmen Tanti; shot in South Johnstone Qld; 91 min.

Passionless Moments (Jane Campion, 1984) wr. Gerard Lee; short, 13 min.

Sweetie (Jane Campion, 1989) wr. Jane Campion, Gerard Lee, dp Sally Bongers; Genevieve Lemon, Karen Colston, Tom Lycos, Jon Darling, Dorothy Barry, Michael Lake, Paul Livingston

Top of the Lake (Jane Campion, 2013) wr. Gerard Lee; mini-series

My Mistress (Stephen Lance, 2014) wr. Gerard Lee, prod. Leanne Tonkes, exec. prod. Robyn Kershaw; Emmanuelle BĂ©art, Harrison Gilbertson, Rachael Blake; teenager suffering from grief after his father's suicide who seeks help from a local French S&M mistress; Aust release 6 November

Breath (Simon Baker, 2016) wr. Gerard Lee from novel by Tim Winton, prod. Simon Baker, Jamie Hilton, Mark Johnson, dist. Arclight, Palace; Simon Baker; surfing

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