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Ian Pringle

Jonathan Roper:
Ian is a Melbourne based writer, director and producer with a national and international profile. He started making films in 1978 and made his first feature, Plains of Heaven, in 1982. He has written, directed, and or produced nine feature films. His films have been screened at Cannes (Prisoner of St Petersburg in Un Certain Regard), Berlin (Celia and Wrong World which won a Silver Bear) and Toronto, as well as other top international film festivals where they won numerous high awards. Romper Stomper (featuring Russell Crowe) won six Australian Film Institute Awards in 1992 including Best Film. Ian's films have also been distributed widely in Europe and Australia. Ian organised the first co-productions between Australia/France (Isabelle Eberhardt), and Australia/Germany (The Prisoner of St. Petersburg), initially done under a memorandum of understanding. His most recent feature film, The Legend Maker, screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2014. As a film maker, Ian has an international and historical perspective. He believes Australia should be without limits in the stories we explore, the questions we ask, and the excellence we seek. He has made films in English, French and German, and on location in Australia, France, Germany, Bolivia, Tunisia, and the United States. He is widely read in history and current affairs, particularly that of Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. (

Wronsky (Ian Pringle, 1980) wr. Ian Pringle, Doug Ling, prod. Ian Pringle for Seon Film Productions, dp Ray Argall, ed. Tony Paterson; Miranda Brown, Phil Dagg, John Flaus, Rob Jordan, Doug Ling, Lisa Parish, Ross Thompson, Frank Walsh; drama; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 70 min.

Plains of Heaven, The (Ian Pringle, 1982) prod. John Cruthers for Seon Films, wr. Ian Pringle, Doug Ling, Elizabeth Parsons, dp Ray Argall, composer Andew Duffield, design Elizabeth Stirling, ed. Ray Argall; Adam Briscombe, Jenny Cartwright, Reg Evans, John Flaus, Gerard Kennedy, Richard Moir; Fuji colour, 16 mm, 80 min.

Wrong World (Ian Pringle, 1986) prod. Bryce Menzies, Ian Pringle for Seon Film Productions, wr. Ian Pringle, Doug Ling, dp Ray Argall, music Eric Gradman, design Christine Johnson, ed. Ray Argall; Richard Moir, Jo Kennedy, Nick Lathouris, Robbie McGregor, Esben Storm; Victoria; disturbing road movie; Fuji colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Prisoner of St Petersburg, The (Ian Pringle, 1990) dp Ray Argall; Noah Taylor, Solveig Dommartin; Noah's character thinks he's in a novel by Dostoevsky

Romper Stomper (Geoffrey Wright, 1992) prod. Ian Pringle; Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie, Alex Scott; 89 min.

Isabelle Eberhardt (Ian Pringle, 1992) Mathilda May, Tcheky Karyo, Peter O'Toole, Richard Moir, Arthur Dignam

Legend Maker, The (Ian Pringle, 2014) wr. Ian Pringle; Tony Nikolakopoulos, Jeremy Kewley, Adrian Mulraney; crime

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