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Jonathan Teplitzky

Better Than Sex (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2000) wr. Jonathan Teplitzky; Susie Porter, David Wenham; comedy/romance; after a one-night stand a couple is faced with the terrifying possibility of what they really want; Toronto 2000, 85 min.

Gettin' Square (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2003) wr. Chris Nyst, dp Garry Phillips, prod. Martin Fabinyi, Tim White, Trish Lake; Sam Worthington (Wirth), David Wenham (Spit), Freya Stafford (Annie), Gary Sweet (Chicka), Timothy Spall (Dabba); a bunch of crims trying to go straight; Teplitzky did a Q&A at Luna Leederville 1845 3 Friday October 2003; national release 9 October 2003; Macquarie Nine Film TV Investment & Working Title Films, FFC, Mushroom Pictures & WTA Production, Freshwater Pictures; soundtrack features Machine Gun Fellatio, Groove Armada, The Vines, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Faithless

Burning Man (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2011) Matthew Goode, Bojana Novakovic, Essie Davis, Rachel Griffiths, Kerry Fox, Anthony Hayes, Jack Heanly, Kate Beahan; romcom drama

The Railway Man (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2013) Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgard, Colin Firth; drama, war

Churchill (Jonathan Teplitzky, 2017) Brian Cox; not Australasian

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