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Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson, born NZ 1945, directed a good deal for TV (some of it in the USA) and three feature films for theatrical release. Died Sydney 1 July 2015.

Big Toys (Chris Thomson, 1980) telemovie, play by Patrick White; Diane Cilento, Max Cullen, Colin Friels, John Gaden; comedy of sexual politics

Man of Letters (Chris Thomson, 1984) telemovie, wr. Alma De Groen, Glen Tomasetti (novel); Warren Mitchell, Dinah Shearing, Carol Raye, Arna-Maria Winchester, Steve Jacobs

Empty Beach, The (Chris Thomson, 1985) prod. John Edwards, Timothy Read for Jethro Films, wr. Keith Dewhurst from novel by Peter Corris, dp John Seale, design Larry Eastwood, ed. Lindsay Frazer; Ray Barrett, Bryan Brown, Peter Collingwood, Belinda Giblin Kerry Mack, Anna Maria Monticelli, John Wood; crime, investigative thriller; Brown is Cliff Hardy, Peter Corris character in hard-boiled crime fiction story set at Bondi; Kodak colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Perfectionist, The (Chris Thomson, 1987) wr. David Williamson from his play, prod. Patricia Lovell, dp Russell Boyd; Jacki Weaver, John Waters, Steven Vidler, Noel Ferrier, Kate Fitzpatrick, Linda Cropper, Maggie Dence

Delinquents, The (Chris Thomson, 1989) prod. Alex Cutler, Mike Wilcox; wr. Clayton Rohman, Mac Gudgeon; novel Criena Rohan; Kylie Minogue (Lola Lovell), Charlie Schlatter (Brownie Hansen) Angela Punch-McGregor, Bruno Lawrence; 102 min.

Rainbow Warrior Conspiracy, The (Chris Thomson, 1989) telemovie, wr. David Phillips; Jack Thompson, Brad Davis, Mary Regan, Germain Houde, Louise Laparé, Peter Carroll, Bruno Lawrence; dramatisation

Feds: Betrayal, The (Chris Thomson, 1993) telemovie; wr. Alison Nisselle; prod. Crawfords/Nine; Robert Taylor, Angie Milliken, John Bach, Chris Haywood, Peter Phelps, Brian Vriends, Paul Sonkkila, Jan Friedl

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