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Patrick White


The Night the Prowler (Jim Sharman, 1979) aka Patrick White's The Night the Prowler; prod. Anthony Buckley for Chariot Films, wr. Patrick White from his short story, dp David Sanderson, design Luciana Arrighi, ed. Sara Bennett; Terry Camilleri, Ruth Cracknell, John Derum, John Frawley, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Kerry Walker; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Big Toys (Chris Thomson, 1980) play by Patrick White; comedy of sexual politics

Voss (Peter Butler, 1988) opera by Richard Meale, libretto David Malouf from Patrick White's novel; ABC recording of Melbourne performance

The Ham Funeral (1990) telemovie of Patrick White's play as performed on the STC stage; Tyler Coppin, Max Cullen, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Robyn Nevin, Kerry Walker

Eye of the Storm, The (Fred Schepisi, 2011) wr. Judy Morris from novel by Patrick White; Charlotte Rampling, Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis; family drama

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