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15 Amore

15 Amore (Maurice Murphy, 1998) Lisa Hensley, Steve Bastoni; shot Hunter Valley NSW, best feature Noosa Film Festival 1999 Qld, best feature Aspen Film Festival 1998, screened 1999 Showtime PayTV channel

Louise Keller:
Maurice Murphy's passionate, wonderful tale of an upside down world at a time when the world is in chaos, is an acutely moving observation from the point of view of a young boy. Murphy's concise script and inspired direction engulfs us in a world where the inexplicable is customary, the little things are big, the perspective unique. Louise Keller, urbancinefile

Andrew Urban:
15 Amore is a moving and subtle arthouse film with strong appeal. It is at once nostalgic and robust, full of the things many movie lovers enjoy about cinema – it’s moving. Andrew Urban, urbancinefile

Evan Williams:
Everyone involved has a sense of humour. On balance I'll call it a comedy, but it radiates something more delicate, perhaps more precious, than easy laughs - a natural good cheer. It is a film suffused with happiness, though happiness of a kind that is never quite free of sadness and anxiety. Chunks of it look fairly amateurish, and Murphy has ruefully observed that one of the drawbacks of being the writer, director and producer of a low-budget film is that he can never reissue it in a director's cut. But why should he want to?

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