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Adam's Woman

Adam's Woman (Phillip Leacock, 1970) aka Return of the Boomerang (working title), prod. Louis F. Edelman, ed. Anthony Buckley, music Bob Young, 116 min.; Beau Bridges, Jane Merrow, John Mills, Andrew Keir, Peter Collingwood, Harold Hopkins, James Booth, Clarissa Kaye, Peter O'Shaughnessy, Katy Wild, Helen Morse, Tracy Reed; historical 'convict western'

Beau Bridges looks like he thinks he's in the high school play, and not anchoring a $2.5mill (or whatever) epic film.

Pike & Cooper:
Although some of the film's colonial officials were modelled on actual people and a few authentic locations were used (including the convict-built court-house and church at Windsor), any sense of historical accuracy was lost in the complex mechanics of the plot. Period feeling was also weakened by the American actor Beau Bridges, who played Adam in a 1970 idiom, complete with a fashionable drooping moustache, a disrespect for authority and a slick facility with the words and ideals of contemporary youth. Pike & Cooper: 249.

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For details of the making of the film see: Anthony Buckley 2009, Behind a Velvet Light Trap: A Filmaker's Journey from Cinesound to Cannes, Hardie Grant Books, Prahran: 129-134.

Pike & Cooper.

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