Against the Grain: More Meat Than Wheat

Against the Grain: More Meat Than Wheat (Tim Burns, 1980) prod. Tim Burns for Nightshift Films, wr. Tim Burns & Michael Callaghan, dp Louis Irving, ed. Peter Bailey, Chris Cordaux, Melissa Woods; Michael Callaghan, Sandy Edwards, Joy Burns, Letham Burns, Mary Burns, George Sutton; young idealist visits WA to visit family; low budget political drama; Eastman colour, 16 mm, 76 min.

The best I can do to make sense of this is to say that it seems to me to be an artist's view of some aspects of political activity. At worst it's a tatty story of a rather unsuccessful terrorist. David Stratton has, as usual, a more informed view, as follows.

[The film] ... suffers from its self-conscious attempts to be 'experimental', and its anti-nuclear message gets lost in the shuffle. Burns' intentions, as expressed in interviews given at the time of the film's release, were ambitious, but the film is too incoherent to make much of an impact and too muddled in its approach: it appears to support acts of urban terrorism. Stratton: 224.

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