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Backyard Ashes

Backyard Ashes (Mark Grentell, 2013) wr. Peter Cox, Mark Grentell, prod. Anne Robinson, dp Damian E. Wyvill; Andrew S. Gilbert, Felix Williamson, Rebecca Massey, John Wood, Damian Callinan; Aust release 7 Nov

Mildly amusing story about class, backyard cricket, and Wagga Wagga. It doesn't raise a laugh, is predictable (tho unrealistic), and repetitive, and one's glad when it ends.

I'm really sorry to have written this, because I really admire the work of Andrew S. Gilbert, Felix Williamson, and John Wood - just not so much in this.

I should also say that it's an enormous challenge to shoot a film almost entirely in one backyard, so if it doesn't work, I guess we have to blame the writer, as the photographer did OK.

I've only found one review. Here's a bit of what Sarah Ward had to say (and I agree with her):

Wearing its heart and hopes on its sleeve may help patch over the repetition and derivation that monopolises the movie; however, the passion of the production can’t conceal the standard and less-so elements. As the story, style, performance and presentation play to type, and the flagrant jokes and constant cricket references fail to gel, the feature ambles - not towards a grand finale - but to a welcome conclusion.┬áSarah Ward, ArtsHub.

This was Mark Grentell's first feature. See also his second: The Merger. Good on him for making these Aussie films.

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