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The Merger

The Merger (Mark Grentell, 2018) aka Extra Time; wr. Damian Callinan, prod. Anne Robinson, dp Tony Luu; Damian Callinan, John Howard, Kate Mulvany, Fayssal Bazzi, Rafferty Grierson, Josh McConville, Nick Cody, Angus McLaren, Stephen Hunter, Penny Cook, Ben Knight, Harry Tseng, Sahil Saluja, Francis Kamara, Aaron Gocs, Zenia Starr, Michelle Brasier

Synopsis: The Merger is the hilarious and heart felt story of a struggling town: the drought won’t let up, jobs are scarce and the footy team looks like it will have to fold. Living a hermit like existence on the town’s fringe, former football star Troy Carrington is coaxed into coaching after striking up an unlikely friendship with young Neil who is struggling with the recent loss of his father. Teaming up with Neil’s mum Angie who is running a nearby refugee support centre, they conspire to recruit refugees to ensure the team survives and take the community on a journey of change.

I've found only one review so far, and it's a very enthusiastic Stephen Scott who writes this. Makes me suspicious. But I wish it well. John Howard is a superb Australian actor.

It’s been a long time between drinks for heart-warming Australian comedies, but The Merger is here to shout a round ..., rouse a cheer, and yes, coax a tear. There’s romance without being gushy, there’s a morality tale without being preachy, there’s a bratty kid who’s actually pretty damn cool (Raffe[r]ty Grierson is a revelation), and there’s lots of down-to-earth swearing to remind you of this country’s heart. Shit yeah. Stephen Scott, superquickreviews.

See also Mark Grentell's first feature: Backyard Ashes. Not a great success, but its heart's in the right place.

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