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Bonjour Balwyn

Bonjour Balwyn (Nigel Buesst, 1971) wr. John Romeril, Nigel Buesst, John Duigan, dp Tom Cowan; John Duigan, Peter Cummins, John Romeril, Patricia Condon, Barbara Stephens, Reg Newson, Camilla Rowntree, Marcel Cugola, Jim Nicholas, Alan Finney, Peter Carmody, Geoff Gardner; 'satirical comedy'; 60 min.

In Nigel Buesst's 1971 Bonjour Balwyn – supposedly a comedy but not in the least amusing – John Duigan (a director, but here an actor) plays an extremely unpleasant egocentric wanker. I'm sure he's nothing like that IRL.

... the film reveals an affectionate portrait of Melbourne, from the brittle middle-class home of Kevin's parents in Balwyn to the comfortable poverty of the Carlton terrace houses of his friends. The film is rich in incident and benefits from a tight and witty script written partly by the Melbourne playwright John Romeril ... Pike & Cooper: 260.

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