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Bush Christmas

bushxmasBush Christmas (Ralph Smart, 1947) prod. wr. Ralph Smart, Children's Entertainment Films, dp George Heath; Chips Rafferty, John Fernside, Stan Tolhurst, Helen Grieve, Nicky Yardley, Morris Unicomb, Michael Yardley, Neza Saunders, Pat Penny, Thelma Grigg, Clyde Combo (Old Jack), Edmund Allison, John McCallum (narrator); 76 mins

In Australia, five children pursue horse thieves through the mountains.

Pike & Cooper:
Bush Christmas was the first feature produced by Children's Entertainment Films ... an English organisation which, under the auspices of J. Arthur Rank and the direction of Mary Field, screened films to children in hundreds of cinema clubs throughout England on Saturday mornings. Pike & Cooper: 205.

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