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Candy Regentag

Candy Regentag (James Ricketson, 1989) aka Kiss the Night; Patsy Stephens, Warwick Moss, Garry Aron Cook, Imogen Annesley; prostitute falls in love with client

I never expected to see this film (Candy Regentag, James Ricketson, 1993) so I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity.  Of the film as such, the least said the better. But just re the title: I think I’m right in saying there is a moment when a Hundertwasser painting is seen, and indeed I believe that is where ‘Candy”s second name comes from, as referred to obliquely in the film itself. I’m pleased I was able to make the association.

... Ricketson's documentary background shows in the detailed attention given to the routine of the brothel ... The grim little love affair is not presented in a predictable way, and there is a painfully strong performance from Patsy Stephens in the leading role. Stratton: 136.

Garry Gillard | New: 23 October, 2012 | Now: 24 January, 2020