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Codgers (Wayne Harrison, Grant Dodwell, 2011) wr. Wayne Harrison (adaptation), Don Reid; Ron Falk, Ron Haddrick, John Hanlon, Edwin Hodgeman, John Lam, Shane Porteous [aka John Hanlon]; comedy; 84 min.

This is an ensemble piece for six men, and was apparently a stage play. It also looks like it was made for some do-gooder organisation and designed to air a couple/three social issues. One of them is aging. Another provides the climactic moment, which is worth waiting for, so I won't say what it is.
It looks like a stage play not only in terms of its setting, most of which is in the one interior, but also unfortunately in terms of acting style, which is generally much too big for the story. Rod Haddrick is a fine stage actor, as I gladly remember from my youth, and Edwin Hodgeman is excellent in A Sting in the Tale (Eugene Schlusser, 1989) which, as it happens, I've also just seen, but here Haddrick looks like he's in Henry V, and Hodgeman's part is a caricature. However, there is an outstanding performance to make it all worthwhile. Ronald Falk is brilliant in his complex role, believable and even moving, while at the same time humorous.

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