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The Golden Cage

Golden Cage, The (Ayten Kuyululu, 1975) prod. Ilhan Kuyululu, wr. Ayten Kuyululu and Ismet Soydan, dp Russell Boyd, ass. dir. Phillip Noyce; llhan Kuyululu, Sayit Memisoglu, Kate Sheil, Ron Haddrick, Michele Fawdon; colour; story of two Turkish men in Australia and related tragic events

The Golden Cage (1975), also about the Turkish migrant community. In this film, which was photographed by Russell Boyd and on which Phil Noyce worked as assistant director, one of the Turks falls in love with a Sydney girl, who inevitably treats him badly. ... it bears the distinction of being the first feature film made by a woman in Australia since the thirties ... David Stratton: 281.

Re The Battle of Broken Hill, and for more on Ayten Kuyululu, see David Stratton: 150-152.

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