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The Hands of Cormac Joyce

Hands of Cormac Joyce, The (Fielder Cook, 1972) telemovie; wr. Leonard Wibberly (novel), S.S. Schweitzer (teleplay), Thomas Rickman; Stephen Boyd, Colleen Dewhurst, Dominic Guard; savage storm wreaks havoc on small Irish fishing village; brave local fisherman, Cormac Joyce, decides to fight back; as both (Oz) Crawford Productions and (US) NBC were involved, it seems to have been an Aust/US copro; partly filmed at Phillip Island, Victoria

Colleen Dewhurst was a major stage actress, particularly in plays by Eugene O'Neill. She married George C. Scott twice. IMDb bio here.

Stephen Boyd was more successful in Hollywood. He was in Ben Hur (1959). Born in N. Ireland in 1931, he died of a heart attack while playing golf in California aged 45. Another lengthy IMDb bio here.

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