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High Tide

High Tide (Gillian Armstrong, 1987) prod. Sandra Levy, wr. Laura Jones; Lillie (Judy Davis) rediscovers abandoned child Ally (Claudia Karvan), who has been brought up by her paternal grandmother, Bet (Jan Adele); Frankie J. Holden is an Elvis impersonator, Colin Friels the love interest; family melodrama; 100 min.

I'm interested in family melodramas, and this is one of the better ones: how could it not be good, with both Judy Davis and Colin Friels?

High Tide is a film in which emotions run very deep, and it contains some of Armstrong's most satisfying work. ... The three women are splendid, and the climactic scenes are as emotionally draining as any in Australian cinema. Worth commending, too, are the film's beautifully designed opening credits. David Stratton: 368.

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