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Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways (Sarah Watt, 2005) prod. Bridget Ikin, Hibiscus Films, wr. Sarah Watt, dp Ray Argall; Justine Clarke (Meryl), William McInnes (Nick) (McInnes was married to the late Sarah Watt), Anthony Hayes, Andrew S. Gilbert, Andreas Sobik, Lisa Flanagan, Daniela Farinacci, Sacha Horler; premiere SAFF Feb 2005; mix of animation and live action, set over hot weekend, when six people dealing with unexpected events find their lives intersecting; Australian release 18 August 2005; 100 min.

Realist drama, despite the artistic inserts.

Sarah Watt's Look Both Ways tells the stories of several people who come close to death and deal with that experience. What choice do they have? The movie is not cheerful nor is it morbid; it leaves us not encouraged, but resolute. Roger Ebert.

Hailed as a real original, the screenplay explores its characters at a moment in time when they each face life's bigger issues of life and death, but it does so with a lightness of touch that deceives us: it's not about death, but about our fears, our weaknesses and our enormous reserves of humanity that can drag us out of the jaws of death into the sunlight of life. Andrew L. Urban, Urban Cinefile.

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