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Sarah Watt

1958-2011; was married to William McInnes

Look Both Ways (Sarah Watt, 2005) prod. Bridget Ikin, Hibiscus Films, wr. Sarah Watt, dp Ray Argall; Justine Clarke (Meryl), William McInnes (Nick) (McInnes was married to the late Sarah Watt), Anthony Hayes, Andrew S. Gilbert, Andreas Sobik, Lisa Flanagan, Daniela Farinacci, Sacha Horler; premiere SAFF Feb 2005; mix of animation and live action, set over hot weekend, when six people dealing with unexpected events find their lives intersecting; Australian release 18 August 2005; 100 min.

My Year Without Sex (Sarah Watt, 2009) Sacha Horler, Matt Day

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