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Pacific Banana

Pacific Banana (John D. Lamond, 1981) prod. John D. Lamond, SAFC, wr. Alan Hopgood, dop Gary Wapshott, design Herbert Pinter, ed. Ray Dalry; Graeme Blundell, Robin Stewart, Deborah Gray, Alyson Best, Helen Hemingway, Luan Peters, Manuia Taie; Filmed in Huahine, French Polynesia, and Norwood Studios in Adelaide; sexploitation; Eastman colour, 35mm widescreen, 80 min.

I watched bits of Pacific Banana (John D. Lamond, 1981 - I'd seen it before) yesterday on the computer while I was sorting films – and it is mostly about (corporeal) bits. But my interest perked, unlike Graeme Blundell's character's membrum virile – the central concern of the 'plot' in this poor script by Alan Hapgood – when the story arrived (on a DC3 – I liked that) in Tahiti, or more specifically, Huahine. An ordinary street in the French Pacific with ordinary buildings and an ordinary market almost made it worth all the 'titillation' it took to get there.

... a film which represents perhaps the nadir of the once-illustrious SAFC, managed to play only a few days in a cinema in Melbourne and then a few nights in Sydney drive-ins before being hastily transferred to video. ... Mercifully, few people saw this turkey. Stratton: 309.

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