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The Removalists

Removalists, The (Tom Jeffrey, 1975) prod. Margaret Fink, wr. David Williamson from his play, ed. Anthony Buckley; Jacki Weaver, John Hargreaves, Peter Cummins, Martin Harris, Chris Haywood, Kate Fitzpatrick; domestic drama

A good (Hargreaves) and a bad (Cummins) cop assist a battered wife (Weaver) as she tries to escape her belligerent husband (Harris).

Peter Cummins - Sergeant Simmonds
John Hargreaves - Constable Neville Ross
Jacki Weaver - Marilyn Carter
Kate Fitzpatrick - Kate Mason
Chris Haywood - Rob, the removalist
Martin Harris - Kenny Carter

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The Removalists was the last play - chosen for its title - at the Playhouse in Perth in 2010 before the building in Pier Street was demolished.

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