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Silver City

Silver City (Sophia Turkiewicz, 1984) prod. Joan Long for Limelight Productions, wr. Thomas Keneally, Sophie Turkiewicz, dp John Seale, music William Motzing, design Igor Nay, ed. Don Saunders; Gosia Dobrowolska, Ivar Kants, Steve Bisley, Steve Bisley, Ewa Brok, Annie Byron, Jan Hurley, Anna Jemison, Debra Lawrence, Igor Nay, Don Saunders; three AFIs; migrant drama; Eastman colour, 35 mm. 100 min.

Tho a bit sentimental, it was an excellent introduction to the experience of immigration - at least for me.

Silver City is one of the best films of the 80s, though it remains underrated. It tackles a theme too often ignored in Australian cinema, and deals with a painful love story most effectively. The film strongly criticises the attitude of Australian authorities towards the migrants, and scenes in the camp are powerful ... but the film belongs to Gosia Dobrowolska who gives a performance variously described as 'radiant' ... 'vibrant' ... and 'luminous' ... David Stratton: 53, 54.

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