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A Soldier's Tale

Soldier's Tale, A (Larry Parr, 1988) Gabriel Byrne, Marianne Basler, Paul Wyett; France/NZ

A Soldier's Tale is a 'New Zealand' film entirely set and shot in France during WW2. In a few scenes, especially when they're hurling insults, the French characters are allowed to speak French, but in other scenes, where the audience actually needs the information, the French speak English to each other, as do the Germans with the French. Apparently subtitling hadn't got to Aotearoa by 1988. Gabriel Byrne speaks NE English, despite being Irish.
This is a quality film. It's a bit of a worry that it is the second Kiwi film I've seen in two days in which a man does, um, that to a woman (important plot point which would be a spoiler). If you see either movie, you'll see what I mean. But this film is not degrading, which Pallet on the Floor is.

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