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Inclusive but incomplete list of Oz films with significant LGBTQI character/theme/director/actor

Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, The (Stephan Elliott, 1994) Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce; 98 min.

Bad News Bachelors (Franco di Chiera, 1990) short, prod. wr. Franco di Chiera, production in association with the Australian Film Commission, with Nicholas Papademetriou, Helen Dallas, Greg Iverson, Deidre Brock-Jones; comedy about singles in the inner-city area of Sydney where finding a lover is not as easy as it seems; Stuart and Karen spend much of their time in coffee shops sharing experiences; They have a lot in common including some adventurous attempts at solving their problems; Stuart puts an advertisement in the gay personal column and Karen decides to visit a dating service; 27 min.

Belinda (Pamela Gibbons, 1988) aka Midnight Dancer; would-be ballerina works as showgirl in nightclub; repressed lesbianism (according to Scott Murray)

Clinic, The (David Stevens, 1983) prod. Robert le Tet, Bob Weiss for the Film House, Generation Films, wr. Greg Millen, dp Ian Baker, ed. Edward McQueen-Mason, design Tracy Wart; Simon Burke, Pat Evison, Chris Haywood, Rona McLeon, Gerda Nicholson, Suzanne Roylance; gay doctor working in VD clinic; Eastman colour, 35mm, 90 min.

Dad and Dave Come To Town (Ken G. Hall, 1938) aka The Rudd Family Goes to Town; Peter Finch; camp shop assistant

Dallas Doll (Ann Turner, 1993) Sandra Bernhard, Victoria Longley, Frank Gallacher, Jake Blundell, Rose Byrne; havoc when American golf instructor moves in with family; ABC finance

Devil's Playground, The (Fred Schepisi, 1976) wr. prod. Fred Schepisi, dp Ian Baker; Simon Burke, Arthur Dignam, Tom Keneally, John Diedrich, Sheila Florance, John Frawley, Jonathan Hardy, Charles McCallum, Nick Tate; based on Schepisi's own experience in a Catholic school; Melbourne, colour, 35mm, 107 min.

Everlasting Secret Family, The (Michael Thornhill, 1988) story by Frank Moorhouse; Mark Lee's character is recruited from his elite private school into the homosexual 'family' which includes a judge (John Meillon) etc.

Head On (Ana Kokkinos, 1998) aka Loaded, novel by Christos Tsiolkas; prod. Jane Scott; Alex Dimitriades, Paul Capsis; review by Mark Sinker, Sight and Sound, November 1999: 46; 104 min.

Hidden History of Homosexual Australia, The (Con Anemogianni, 2005) premiere SAFF

Longtime Companion (Norman Rene, 1989) wr. Craig Lucas; AIDS

Love and Other Catastrophes (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1996) wr. Yael Bergman, Emma-Kate Croghan, Helen Bandis; prod. Stavros Andonis Efthymiou; Frances O'Connor, Alice Garner, Radha Mitchell, Matt Day, Kim Gyngell; two female students struggling to complete their (Sydney) university degrees seek a flatmate; at the same time Michael (Matt Day), a medical student, is looking for a new place to stay; Adrian Martin makes an appearance as himself; Frances O'Connor's character is lesbian

Monkey's Mask (Samantha Lang, 2000) Kelly McGillis (Dr Diana Maitland), Susie Porter (Jill Fitzpatrick), Abbie Cornish (Mickey), Marton Csokas (Nick), Deborah Mailman; novel Dorothy Porter; lesbian private detective dives head first into murder, manipulation and the consuming power of sex; Toronto 2000; 93 min.

Prodigal Son, The (Tony Radevski, 2006) wr. Tony Radevski, prod. Tom Zubrycki; emotional story of gay man in his 40s reunited with his traditional, Macedonian family after being estranged from his father for 15 years; won the Flickerfest IF Media Award for Most Popular Film at Flickerfest 2006; short, 27 min.

Sequin In A Blue Room (Samuel Van Grinsven, 2019) wr. Jory Anast, Samuel Van Grinsven; Conor Leach, Simon Croker, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor

Set, The (Frank Brittain, 1970) novel by Roger Ward; Sean Myers, Rod Mullinar; two young men have an affair; one attempts suicide; overseas sale banned by the censor; the first Australian film to tackle a gay subject

Sissy (Debbie Gittins, 2001) short doco; three gay Aboriginal guys in Northbridge: ? Culbong, Anna Mae (transvestite), Ella Fitzgerald; 'We are glamorous, we are here and we are queer'; Sissy is an expression of gay black identity in Perth: CC and Ella are well known socialites and Anna Mae regularly struts her stuff on stage

Squeeze (Richard Turner, 1980) Trilogic Film Productions, wr. Richard Turner, dp Ian Paul; Robert Shannon, Paul Eady, Donna Akersten; gay relationship; 79 min.

Strange Bedfellows (Dean Murphy, 2003) Paul Hogan and Michael Caton pretend to be gay to exploit tax laws; brief review of DVD release: Matt Coyte, Empire, 43, October 2004: 9; see also Metro, 141

Sum of Us, The (Geoff Burton & Kevin Dowling, 1994) Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson, Deborah Kennedy; Russell Crowe and John Polson's characters are both gay; review by Jan Epstein in Murray 1995: 395; 96 min.

Waiting (Jackie McKimmie, 1991) Noni Hazlehurst (AFI Best Actress), Deborra-Lee Furness, Frank Whitten, Helen Jones, Denis Moore, Fiona Press, Ray Barrett

Walking on Water (Tony Ayres, 2002) wr. Roger Monk, prod. Liz Watts, Robert Humphries, cinematographer; Vince Colosimo, Maria Theodorakis, Nathaniel Dean, Judy Farr, Nicholas Bishop, David Bonney, Daniel Roberts, Anna Lise Phillips; Gavin dies of AIDS and his friends and family have to cope with the manner of his death; premiered Adelaide Film Festival 2002; Roger Monk won Best Original Screenplay AFI Awards 7 November 2002; Maria Theodorakis won Best Actress in a Leading Role AFI Awards 7 November 2002; Reva Childs won Best Editing AFI Awards 7 November 2002; 90 min.

Well, The (Samantha Lang, 1997) wr. Elizabeth Jolley (novel), Laura Jones; Pamela Rabe (Hester Harper), Miranda Otto (Katherine), Paul Chubb (Harry Bird), Frank Wilson (II) (Francis Harper), Steve Jacobs (Rod Borden), GenevieĀve Lemon (Jen Borden), Simon Lyndon (Jock); drama, thriller; Hester is obsessed with Katherine

Whipping Boy (Di Drew, 1996) novel Gabrielle Lord; Sigrid Thornton, Temuera Morrison, Tammy McIntosh; state inquiry into a pedophile/pornography racket

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