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Jon Cleary

Dust in the Sun (Lee Robinson, 1958) novel Justin Bayard by Jon Cleary

The Green Helmet (Michael Forlong, 1961) novel by Jon Cleary

High Road to China (Brian G. Hutton, 1983) novel by Jon Cleary

Nobody Runs Forever (Ralph Thomas, 1968) novel, The High Commissioner, by Jon Cleary

Scobie Malone (Terry Ohlsson, 1975) novel Helga's Web by Jon Cleary

Sidecar Racers (Earl Bellamy, 1975) screenplay by Jon Cleary

Spearfield's Daughter (Gilbert M. Shilton, 1986) TV mini-series, novel and teleplay by Jon Cleary

The Sundowners (Fred Zinnemann, 1960) novel Jon Cleary

You Can't See Round Corners (David Cahill, 1967) (TV series) (also film David Cahill, 1969) novel by Jon Cleary

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